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Individual Meal Menu

Low Carb ≈350 Cal 

Thai Cauliflower $14.00 Veg.
Vegtable Ratatouille $14.00 Veg.
Eggplant Stack $14.00 Veg.
Cauliflower Steak $14.00 Veg.
Trumpet Brussels $14.00 Veg.
Grilled Lemon Chicken W/ Dill Brussels $15.40
Chicken & Fried Cauliflower $15.40
Pork Cabbage Cups $15.40
Blackened Mahi Mahi $16.00
Lemon Caper Salmon $16.00
Mediterranean Turkey Burger Sliders $16.00
Greek Kale Salad $13.20
Rainbow Salad $13.20
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Individual Traditional Meal Menu

Fish Tacos $18.00
Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna Steak $17.50
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl $15.40
Vegetable Teriyaki Bowl $15.00
Olive Caper Tapenade Chicken $15.40
Sirloin Served Over Farro $18.50
Chicken Pad Thai $17.00
Vegetable Pad Thai $15.20
Filled Acorn Squash $14.20
Spaghetti Squash Bolognese $15.40
Dino Kale Salad $15.00
Spinach Apple Salad $15.00
Chicken Caesar Salad $16.50
Key Pinks Caesar Salad $18.00
Curry Chicken Salad Wrap $13.20
Sonoma Chicken Salad Wrap $13.20
Power Balls $7.00
Chocolate Almond Covered Date $7.00
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Family Style Meals

Serves 2-4

Pound of Truffle Mash $17.00
Pound of Sweet Potato Wedges $13.50
Pound of Heirloom Potatoes $13.50
Pound of Citrus Herbed Jasmine Rice $13.50
Pound of Herbed Farro $13.50
Pound of Garlic Pepper Quinoa $13.50
Pound of Parmesan Brussels $15.75
Pound of Roasted Sweet Brussels $15.75
Pound of Marsala Mushrooms $27.00
Pound of Curried Cauliflower $15.75
Pound of Sea Salted Broccoli $14.00
Pound of Citrus Asparagus $14.00
Pound of Zucchini Spears $13.00
Pound of Chicken Quarters $14.95
Pound Of Chicken Breast $18.00
Pound of Shredded Berkshire Pork $21
Slow Cooked Duroc Pork Ribs Full Rack $32.00
Pound of Slow Cooked Sirloin $34.00
Pound of Key Pinks $36.00
Pound of Cajun Key Pinks $36.00
Pound Seared Norwegian Salmon $32.00
Pound of Veggie Cakes $20.50
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Areas Served

Boynton Beach

Delray Beach

Lake Worth


Boca Raton

Highland Beach

Ocean Ridge 


West Palm Beach

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